Child’s Play Pop-Up Trailer Reveals New Chucky Is Nearly 80% Animatronic

Orion’s Child’s Play Remake director Lars Klevberg has released a version of the trailer featuring pop-up facts about the movie, revealing the new Chucky is mostly made with animatronics. Something many horror fans appreciate about cult classic movies like the original Child’s Play is the use of practical effects. As technology advanced in Hollywood, CGI became more popular for filmmakers, forever changing the special effects we see in movies. With concerns over too much CGI being used for the new Chucky in the remake, Klevberg is promising he’ll be animated using mostly old-school effects. “I will say almost 80 percent of Chucky in this movie is done with animatronics,” the director states in the video.

Also revealed in the video is an interesting fact about Mark Hamill. Recently, Mark Hamill was announced as the voice actor for the new Chucky, taking over the role played by Brad Dourif in the original Child’s Play and all of its sequels. Klevberg reveals in the video that Hamill binge-watched every past movie in the series in preparation for the role, watching them all back to back. This would be seven movies total, concluding with 2017’s video sequel Cult of Chucky. The storylines established in these movies will resume with Dourif voicing Chucky once again in an upcoming TV series for Syfy, and it will have no relation to the upcoming movie with Hamill.

Something else interesting about the new Child’s Play is how heavily it was apparently inspired by Steven Spielberg’s classic sci-fi movie E.T. “When I pitched the movie for the studio and the producers, I told them it’s E.T. on acid, and they accepted that,” Klevberg states. The director adds that there are plenty of references to be found in the movie, including the red hoodie Andy can be seen wearing in the trailer. Of course, E.T.’s pal Elliott (Henry Thomas) wore a similar hoodie. “The reference movies I had for this were: E.T., Gremlins, the Swedish Let the Right One In, Attack the Block, and La Haine,” Klevberg adds.

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“On set, Chucky was controlled and voiced by the lead puppeteer so Gabriel, who plays Andy, could interact with the doll and also improvise during takes” Klevberg also says in the pop-up trailer. He also describes how a lot of Chucky’s behavior was based on researching “small toddlers when they were problem-solving.” Although we’ve gotten two trailers now for the new Child’s Play, both have only showed us bits and pieces of the new Chucky, so it’s nice to know serious efforts were made by the crew to make the doll’s movements look as good as possible.

Remaking the original 1988 movie with a technological twist, Child’s Play tells the story of single mother Karen Barclay (Aubrey Plaza, Parks and Rec) buying a trendy Buddi doll for her son Andy (Gabriel Bateman, Lights Out) only to later discover its sinister intentions. Brian Tyree Henry (Atlanta) and Tim Matheson (National Lampoon’s Animal House) also star. The film is set to be released on June 21, 2019. You can watch the pop-up trailer from Rotten Tomatoes with Lars Klevberg’s commentary below.

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