Relive Ramin Djawadi’s 9-minute Game of Thrones track from “The Long Night”

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**Minor Spoilers for Game of Thrones “The Long Night”**

Last night on GAME OF THRONES the battle to end all battles (and the lives several key characters) took place during a night the was dark and full of terrors and littered with fire and blood. Entire armies and, seemingly, most of the North were laid out by the Night King’s forces during “The Long Night”, and in the final moments, as characters became surrounded by the re-re-animated dead soldiers, all legit seemed lost. At this moment, as key characters were taking their last stand, a profound, melancholy track from longtime GOT composer Ramin Djawadi started playing, giving the episode full of terror and chaos some needed emotional weight. Once the episode was done airing the track hit the internet, and now you can relive the most distressing moment of the episode via its oddly beautiful sound.

Titled “The Night King”, the piano-heavy track is melodic and defines a majority of the piece, giving off an air of sadness and impending doom, which fit perfectly as the surviving characters looked around and perhaps realized this was the end. About halfway through, the focus shifts to a slightly more hard-hitting emphasis on strings to match the characters giving it their all as the end drew in, ultimately for a compelling mixture of string and piano to kick in just as the intense final moments seemed all but certain.  

Djawadi has spent years defining the GAME OF THRONES music and here he delivered one of his very best tracks, which put the perfect final stamp on a rousing (if imperfect) episode. The show really needed an emotional kick with all the horror and endless violence going on, and when the threat was more dire than it’s ever been, it did the job beautifully of emphasizing the biggest key moments. 

There are some quibbles I had with this last episode, but there’s no doubting it was a rousing, suitably epic piece of filmmaking that was heart-racing from start to finish. Virtually every piece of promotion we saw teased it and the two episodes that came before, so aside from the episode four teaser we got there’s no telling what will come next in the Game of Thrones. 

GAME OF THRONES continues this Sunday.