Avengers: Endgame adds $37M to massive total with third best Monday ever

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AVENGERS: ENDGAME posted a staggering, somewhat frightening record-breaking opening weekend with $357 million, and $1.2 billion globally. Needless to say, the train wasn’t going to slow down for a second when the weekdays came, and even on Monday audiences flocked to the theaters in droves and added another $37 million to the growing mountain of cash ENDGAME has already amassed.

After demolishing the opening weekend record this Monday total (via Deadline) comes in as the third best Monday on record, coming in below fellow MCU titan BLACK PANTHER ($40.15 million) and THE FORCE AWAKENS ($40.1 million). It should be noted PANTHER was able to hit that high thanks to the President’s Day holiday that Monday, while FORCE AWAKENS’ Monday was on December 21, 2015, likely when some winter breaks were getting started. ENDGAME’s total is further proof no one is giving a damn about school or work and are instead flocking to theaters to see the superhero epic, possibly for the second or third time, and by the end of business today will have passed $400 million in record time (five days, besting FORCE AWAKENS’ eight).

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This is leading into what is destined to be another record-breaking weekend as ENDGAME is poised to take an expected 50-60% dip towards, at least, a $170-180 million second weekend frame. The current record is held by THE FORCE AWAKENS at $149 million (Christmas weekend), while INFINITT WAR dropped a similar percentage to $114 million.  Helping the movie’s prospects even more are the terrific audience scores, as the current Rotten Tomatoes is on-par with INFINITY WAR at 91%, while the Cinemascore is a rare “A+”, up from IW’s “A”.

More so than perhaps any movie in recent memory, ENDGAME has become a can’t-miss cinematic event that has everyone talking and heading to the theater – even if they haven’t seen all the Marvel movies before this one. These movies can often be front loaded so it will be interesting to see how it plays in the long run, but the odds are better than ever for ENDGAME to become the highest-grossing movie of all time.  

AVENGERS: ENDGAME is in theaters now, duh.