It Chapter 2 Trailer Breakdown: What’s Really Happening with the Loser’s Club?

The first trailer for IT Chapter Two has finally arrived! This is pretty easily, despite the very heavy competition coming down the pipeline over the next handful of months, one of the most highly-anticipated sequels hitting theaters in 2019. Now, Warner Bros. has finally given us a proper taste of what to expect from the concluding chapter in this adaptation of Stephen King’s classic novel, and we’re going to break it down moment by moment to see what secrets may be hiding inside.

Warning: not so much that there will be spoilers, per se, but we’re going to dig into the nitty gritty here. So those who want to go in as clean as possible may want to turn back now. That said, let’s dive in, shall we? The IT 2 trailer kicks off with more of an extended scene featuring an adult Beverly Marsh (Jessica Chastain) returning to her childhood home in Derry, Maine. Things progressively degrade on the road to creepsville as the scene progresses, and from there, it gets full-blown terrifying.

Beverly, who has made her way back to her hometown after many years away, heads to her old home to check up on her creep of a father, who has since passed. She’s greeted by a seemingly nice, if strange, older woman who has taken over the house by the name of Mrs. Kersh. Things seem fine at first. She offers to make some tea and allows Beverly to snoop around. She then finds the poem on the postcard written for her by Ben in the first movie. Kinda sweet, right? Except it’s got a lot of dried blood on it, which is creepy. We then get a short of Mrs. Kersh, blurred in the distance down the hallway. It’s tough to make out, but it’s clear something’s not right with her. Not one bit.

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Mrs. Kersh and Beverly then sit down for tea. There’s an odd air to the room and, once a bunch of flies gather on the window nearby, it’s even more clear things aren’t right. Mrs. Kersh hangs on words like “die” in ways that would make anyone uncomfortable. Then she delivers the line that leads us to the point of no return on our journey into this terrifying couple of minutes.

“No one who dies here ever really dies.”

The old woman’s shirt then opens to reveal some flesh that is either horribly scabbed or, perhaps even rotting. It’s gross. Once Mrs. Kersh goes to grab some cookies, it’s revealed her father “joined the circus.” Then Beverly goes to look at one particularly revealing photo that is clearly Pennywise from decades and decades ago. His name is even on the wagon! All the while, Mrs. Kersh is creeping in the background. Then she trots nude, in horrifying fashion, behind Beverly, who is totally unaware. Things then totally erode as Mrs. Kersh inquires as to Beverly’s status as “daddy’s little girl” (*shudders*) before charging out of the kitchen at Beverly, who is absolutely horrified. Understandably so.

We then transition into more of a proper teaser, a rapid-fire collection of intriguing and spooky shots. It kicks off with a shot of the adult version of The Losers Club, Bill Denbrough (James McAvoy), Beverly Marsh (Jessica Chastain), Richie Tozier (Bill Hader), Mike Hanlon (Isaiah Mustafa), Ben Hanscom (Jay Ryan), Eddie Kaspbrak (James Ransone) and Stanley Uris (Andy Bean) gathered together for the first time in 27 years. They look at their reflection in a shop window, only to see the younger versions of themselves from the first movie. It’s a cool and ominous shot. There are then a few shots of them walking around the town, which looks a bit run down, like perhaps hard times have it.

They then gather at a restaurant, with Richie proclaiming “This meeting of The Losers Club has officially begun.” The restaurant is ripped right from Stephen King’s novel. It’s called Jade of the Orient and helps to show that director Andy Muschietti is remaining faithful to the source material in his adaptation. The gang seems happy for this tiny bit of the trailer. However, we then shift to adult Bill looking at a storm drain, rather forlornly, as he sees an image (be it a flashback or something Pennywise has conjured up) of his tragically dead little brother Georgie, holding his boat, decked out in his signature yellow rain jacket.

We then get a solo shot of Bill and Beverly. Bill is saying they need to stick together to “do this.” We assume that refers to taking down Pennywise once and for all. There are then a couple of shots of Mike leading the gang through the sewers. There’s a quick glance of what appears to be Pennywise’s old lair from the climax of the first movie. Though, it appears rundown, much like the town. Then, in the background, a horrifying and goosebump-inducing laugh from Bill Skarsgard’s Pennywise kicks in that plays on a loop, heralding his return.

Things shift to our first actual look at Pennywise, floating high above the ground with a bundle of red balloons in broad daylight, next to a large Paul Bunyan statue. Again, something taken right from the novel. Richie looks up at the clown in pure terror and surprise. This can’t possibly be good. There’s then a shot of Mike by a riverbank, with hundreds, if not thousands of red balloons floating out from underneath an overpass. This scene might be hinting at the arrival of a character by the name of Adrian Mellon (Xavier Dolan), who is also a part of the novel. He is the victim of a grizzly hate crime. In the book, this event takes place early on, as the events of the past and the 27 years later stuff we’re going to see in this movie are more interwoven.

We then get a couple of ever-so hideous shots of Pennywise. First, he jumps out of a vent on a wall, defies physics and stands on it horizontally, looking down on a potential victim. We don’t see this person’s face, but when paused, it looks like adult Mike. Then, arguably the money shot of the trailer, where Pennywise is literally tearing makeup from his face. This looks like it actually could be a shot of Pennywise the Dancing Clown in his circus days, before his days of eating kids in Derry. That’s speculative, but the decor in the background all looks turn of the century. Could we see some flashbacks of how Pennywise came to be?

As we approach the climax, there are some shots of a carnival, featuring Bill running through the crowd. Nothing creepy about a killer clown at a carnival, right? There also appears to be a shot of Pennywise’s new lair, as discovered by the Losers, which is doomy and has sharp, odd rocky objects springing up from the ground. They almost look like the spikes on Godzilla’s back. It’s bizarre. We also get a shot of adult Bill and Beverly kissing, juxtaposed with a shot of the young versions of them kissing at the end of the first movie. Then there’s a shot of someone literally swimming in a pool of blood. It was teased previously that this movie will feature the bloodiest scene in horror history. This shot could be of that moment.

Ramping up to the end, we get a shot of The Losers Club as adults all holding hands, seemingly in Pennywise’s lair. Could this be the bizarre “Ritual of Chud” from the novel? It’s already been confirmed that is going to be included. Get ready for things to get weird on that front. The trailer then reaches its climax as a little girl, as-of-yet-unidentified, is walking in a gated area and stumbles upon our old friend Pennywise, who claps his hands together from out of the shadows before emerging, dimly lit, with the unsettlingly casual “hello” greeting.

Title card. And that’s about it! The studio made us wait a long time for this one but they delivered the goods and it was well worth the wait. We’ll have to see what more they have in store for us when IT: Chapter Two hits theaters on September 6. In case you missed it, or just need to see it again in order to look at it a bit more closely, be sure to check out the trailer from the Warner Bros. YouTube channel below.

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