Get your first look at Mad Magazine’s take on Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel

Mad Magazine, Captain Marvel, Marvel

Since October of 1952, the makers of Mad Magazine have been putting the screws to pop culture icons, politicians, and fevered fads of one cynical generation after the next. Much like having “Weird Al” Yankovic spoof one of your chart-topping hits, many have considered it an honor to be roasted as part of the humor magazine’s comedic take on everything from film to music and beyond.

Today we have an exclusive look at Mad Magazine’s Issue #8 that parodies Marvel’s CAPTAIN MARVEL. Illustrated by award-winning and legendary Mad artist Sergio Aragonés, the feature is called “A MAD Look at Captain Marvel,” which recreates memorable scenes from the Brie Larson-fronted film giving readers a laugh. From Carol Danvers bursting out of a Blockbuster Video to the Skrulls shape-shifting into humans on the beach and the lovable Goose enjoying some Skrull delicacies for a meal. If “Captain Marvel” had a choose-your-own-adventure feature, these would make hilarious plot twists!

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Of course, the presentation is also filled with Aragonés’ signature “chicken fat,” meaning that there are gags happening in the background of several panels beyond the immediate yucks. Personally, I love the moment in the comic when pedestrians begin looting their local Blockbuster Video, just moments after Carol crashes through the roof of the nostalgic hub of home entertainment.

In addition to the showing off pages of the featured comic, Mad has also given us a preview of the repulsive Issue #8 cover. The on-sale date for the issue is June 11, with subscribers receiving a copy ahead on June 1. You can check out the cover and preview pages with art by Sergio Aragonés and colors by Carrie Strachan below:

Mad Magazine, Captain Marvel, MarvelMad Magazine, Captain Marvel, MarvelMad Magazine, Captain Marvel, Marvel

We hope you’ve enjoyed this preview. Be sure to get your hands on the full issue when it goes live on June 11, and on June 1 for Mad subscribers.