First look at Marvel’s Loki series finds the God of Mischief back in time

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In April the folks at Disney got together to show off all the goodies they’ll use to take all our money with, including everything that will launch on the Disney+ service this November, and what will come later in 2020. Among everything teased were the Star Wars series, THE MANDALORIAN, and the Marvel series set around the Thor villain and God of Mischief, Loki. While we got some glimpses of executives on the big stage a new slew of images has been released of the conference, with one in particular showing off Tom Hiddleston‘s Loki in the first look at his very own show. Look, Frigga! He’s on the TV!

The image under intense scrutiny is of Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige talking to the crowd with the still of the LOKI show behind him, blurred out but very visible and sporting a logo above it. We can see from the still that Loki has traveled back in time (confirming initial theories), in this case going back to 1975-76 – given the large JAWS advert behind him. We can’t tell where he is so much as when, but he looks to me in Times Square in New York, or perhaps some other major city.

Now the only questions pertain to why he’s in the past and how he got there. In AVENGERS: ENDGAME we saw the character nab the Tesseract – the Space Stone – and get the hell out of Dodge in the aftermath of the Battle of New York. This would mean that in that new timeline the Avengers created while trying to stop Thanos – Loki now has the ability to jump between time and use his mischievous nature to mess around with major events.

With that in mind, we can start to think about why exactly he’s there. This would be some years after Tony Stark and Steve Rogers went to 1970 to get the Tesseract, so that’s probably got nothing to do with it. At this point Cap was still on ice, Stark was only a toddler, and Thor was, well, Thor was still very old and active – but anywhere near Earth at the time, probably. Is he just there to mess about and get it on the flashy fashion of the time? Is he going to whisper over George Lucas’ ear and influence the Star Wars movies? Is he going to give Spielberg the idea for E.T.? Maybe he’s going to impersonate then-president Gerald Ford and have some fun with the nukes.

This image is hardly a big media rollout for the series, but it’s the first piece of anything we’ve seen of the show. The series isn’t likely to debut until next year at the earliest, so this doesn’t come on the heels of a major trailer or anything, but still, this does tease a fun show ahead. Hopefully, we will hear more soon and get some clearer images – perhaps one with Loki in Roman times or hanging out with Napoleon.