T-Rex Rampage Jurassic Park LEGO Set Includes Shirtless Jeff Goldblum Minifigure

LEGO has unveiled a brand new Jurassic Park set that includes some very iconic imagery from the classic movie, including a shirtless version of Jeff Goldblum’s character Ian Malcolm. The Jurassic Park: T.Rex Rampage set also includes the iconic entry gate to the dino theme park, an extremely detailed and functional T-rex, and other minifigures who do happen to have their shirts on. This looks like it’s going to be a must-have for die-hard fans.

The set was revealed rather conveniently on the 26th anniversary of Steven Spielberg’s 1993 blockbuster. LEGO not only revealed images and details for the set on their website, but they also released a brief little trailer to showcase it as well. It offers a glimpse at everything the 3,120 pieces will bring to life. Aside from the T-rex and the gate itself, there will be little rooms built into the gate that recreate iconic moments from Jurassic Park, including the toilet sequence, turning the power back on in the Raptor paddock and, yes, Jeff Goldblum’s infamous bare-chested scene that has since been turned into a beloved internet meme.

Jurassic Park: T.Rex Rampage delivers an awful lot in its more than 3,000 pieces. There are six minifigures including John Hammond, Ian Malcolm, Ellie Sattler, Alan Grant, Ray Arnold and Dennis Nedry, plus a baby dinosaur figure. There’s also a gigantic T-rex that features snapping jaws, posable head, arms, legs and tail. The gate itself is rather impressive, as it’s not only highly accurate, but it opens on its own.

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Contained within the wall framing is a bunker with a buildable bed for Malcolm, flashlight and fire extinguisher, plus ladder and display case elements. There’s a power shed for the scene with Ellie Sattler, John Hammond’s dining room with table and chair, plus ice cream, spoon and 3 cookie elements, for authenticity. We’ve also got Ray Arnold’s control room with a desk, 3 computers and a chair, a scene with a buildable bathroom and, last but not least, a scene for Dennis Nedry with a mudslide and shaving cream can.

This is the first time Samuel L. Jackson’s Ray Arnold, Wayne Knight’s Dennis Nedry and Richard Attenborough’s John Hammond are being made available in LEGO form. The set also includes a buildable minifigure display stand with T. rex facts plate. So what are JP fans going to have to shell out for all of this? The set will retail for $249.99.

With that in mind, this fits squarely in the adult LEGO set camp. For what it’s worth, the recommended age group is 16 and up. Interested parties can get their hands on Jurassic Park: T.Rex Rampage on June 19, for LEGO VIPs. The general public can pick it up starting July 1 at LEGO story locations or via Shop.Lego.com. Be sure to check out the trailer, as well as images from the new set below.