Tarantino says Thor: Ragnarok is his favorite MCU film since The Avengers

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Quentin Tarantino may be an Oscar-winning filmmaker with movies like beloved PULP FICTION and KILL BILL under his belt, but he is first and foremost a movie fan who ingests everything he can get his hands on. Like the rest of breathing humans on Earth that includes the movies of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and while he’s been working on his latest movie, ONCE UPON A TIME IN…HOLLYWOOD, the director has been trying to catch up on the recent slate of movies.

The director was speaking with Empire about his new movie, and somehow the conversation got to the Marvel movies. AVENGERS: ENDGAME brought this first saga to a conclusion, and to get himself ready Tarantino has been refreshing himself with the initial slate of over 20 movies.

“I think the only comic-book movies I saw last year at theaters were Wonder Woman and Black Panther. But about a couple of weeks ago I started catching up with some of the Marvel movies so I could go see Endgame. I just finished Captain America: Civil War, so next up is Doctor Strange.”

In the process, the director revealed which of the movies was among his favorites, and like many fans around the world, he fell in love with what director Taika Waititi did with the God of Thunder (played by Chris Hemsworth) for THOR: RAGNAROK.

“I loved it. It was my favourite one of the series since The Avengers – drastically my favourite,” he said.

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Tarantino isn’t the only one who loves the colorful comic book outing, which came at a time when Thor was in serious need of a mini-reboot. The movie found Waititi embracing his infectious quirkiness and letting Hemsworth do the same with his hilarious side, resulting in Marvel’s strangest effort today. Some fans of the movies may not like the change for Thor, but that big box office is no joke, and quite frankly, I’m sure both dissenters and fans of the movie alike would love to hear Tarantino on a commentary track. 

ONCE UPON A TIME IN…HOLLYWOOD is in theaters July 26.