Dave Bautista says he would gladly play Bane in a Batman film

Dave Bautista, Bane, The Batman

Now that Robert Pattinson has been named as the next actor to portray the Dark Knight for Matt ReevesTHE BATMAN, fans have begun speculating as to which villain might appear in THE WAR FOR THE PLANET OF THE APES director’s first bat-film. So far, rogues the likes of Penguin, Mad Hatter, Cat Woman, Two Face, Firefly, and Riddler have been floated as possibilities, though the internet has proven that scores of fans are up for seeing Bane back on the big screen as well.

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Earlier this week, a Twitter user by the name of @HighTension87 tweeted that they watched a YouTube video which proposed several villains for Reeves’ upcoming film as well as the actors who should play those characters. After seeing Dave Bautista‘s name suggested for the role of Bane, @HighTension87 couldn’t help but tag the Hollywood Hulk in a post saying that they would like to see him assume the character. Shortly thereafter, Bautista took note of the tweet, and responded by saying “I accept!” The wrestler-turned-silver-screen-superstar’s response naturally garnered some attention from the Batman community, and now many are hoping that Bautista will be invited onto Reeves’ film.

Though his real name is unknown, Bane made his first appearance during Batman’s “Knightfall” storyline, in the pages of Batman: Vengeance of Bane #1 (circa January, 1993). Introduced as a vastly-intelligent world-class fighter, Bane quickly established himself as a tactical genius who enhances his intese physical strength with a solution called Venom. After being one of the few foes to discover Batman’s true identity, Bane made it his personal mission to “break the Bat,” landing DC’s Caped Crusader with a broken back and struggling to regain his fighting form. Currently, Bane is at the center of author Tom King’s highly-celebrated Batman comic book series for DC Comics. Having orchestrated an 85-issue long plot to send the World’s Greatest Detective to his grave, King has once again established Bane as one of Batman’s greatest foes.

For the moment, no plans have been made public to include Bane in Matt Reeves‘ THE BATMAN. Truth be told, we still have no idea who Bats will square-off against when the film swoops into theaters on June 25, 2021. Personally, I can easily see Bautista taking on the part, though I suspect that Reeves will look to other villains before introducing Bane to his mysterious Batverse.

Do you think Bautista would make for a good Bane? Let us know in the comments section below. And be sure to tell us which villains you would like to see appear in Reeves’ new Batman project.