Daisy Ridley opens up about her emotional last day on The Rise of Skywalker

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For the last few years, the actors in the recent run of STAR WARS movies have spent a good chunk of their time in the galaxy far, far away, so naturally, things were probably very emotional when they wrapped their time on THE RISE OF SKYWALKER. Star Daisy Ridley – who has been the center of this new trilogy – had reason to shed the most tears, and in a new interview, she revealed that she was feeling so many different emotions on her final day it’s difficult to even remember the details.

Ridley was speaking with PeopleTV when the topic came up about the heartwarming photo of her and castmates John Boyega and Oscar Isaac hugging on the last day. She talked about the tear-jerking moment, and how it was difficult to get through her final shot.

“I just can’t remember it. I remember [director] J.J. [Abrams] making a speech and I sort of remember a couple things he said, like I’m always on time, which I appreciate him saying. And then he went to pass me the mic and I was the last person to wrap. It was my final shot and I’m just crying in the shot… It was incredibly dramatic.”

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She continued, saying she couldn’t remember what she said to her co-stars when she hugged them and then painted quite the picture of what it was like to drive away one last time. “Hugged a number of people and then got in the car and looked out the window like I was in a music video: tears rolling down my face, hand to the window, thinking about days gone past,” she said.

Surely these final days were tough ones for everyone, with Abrams and Boyega sharing warm messages when that photo dropped, and before then actor Anthony Daniels sharing a post when he was done shooting – perhaps his last day ever as C-3PO. Before all of them, Kevin Smith got to visit the set, and he later shared how he teared up while watching a certain scene be filmed.

Anyone who has spent years in one place doing one thing, whether it be high school, college, a job, or eating a special flavor of Doritos before it’s discontinued, it can be quite emotional to say goodbye to it all. But in the end, it’s all worth it if you got the most out of it, and according to Ridley, fans are going to be “very satisfied” by what they cooked up with this final outing. 

STAR WARS: THE RISE OF SKYWALKER is in theaters December 20.