Watch our YouTube Live Walkthrough of the VidCon 2019 Floor!

Walkthough starts at 9 am PST! Come join us! We’ll post the live feed in this article OR you can watch it on JoBlo Videos!

What’s VidCon? That’s a question you’re probably asking if you were born when the Internet didn’t exist, but if you’re of the current youth generation, then VidCon is, in essence, ComicCon for YouTubers and YouTube fans. Taking place at the Anaheim Convention Center, VidCon brings together creators, fans and industry folk to meet their favorite YouTube stars, learn and share tips and tricks to being a creator and zero in on the algorithms and platform changes that make up the massive behometh that is YouTube (as well as social channels like Facebook, Instagram, etc.). It’s an all-encompassing hub for the world of online video and now in it’s 10th year. One of the coolest and most mind-boggling areas of VidCon is the VidCon floor. Featuring a slew of activations, games, merch, contests, products and more, the VidCon floor is a maze of YouTube pop culture and it’s absolutely something to behold. So, for those that are curious or for those that couldn’t make it, we take a long walk through the floor to show you just what VidCon looks like from the floor level. Join Editor-in-Chief Paul Shirey and his offspring Dash as they navigate the insanity!

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