Jake Gyllenhaal’s Mysterio made a sneaky appearance in Far From Home

jake gyllenhaal, mysterio, cameo

**Spoilers for Spider-Man: Far From Home**

From the moment he landed on screen in his festive gold and green armor, cape flowing in the wind, Jake Gyllenhaal’s Quentin Beck/Mysterio was stealing the show in SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME. The actor made the most of his time with his MCU debut, but while it’s easy to spot him while he zooms around with a fishbowl on his head the character actually made another, more discreet appearance in the film that will have fans squinting at the screen to catch a glimpse. If you want a clue, the actor took to social media to show off the character’s more… let’s say more comfortable clothes.

Gyllenhaal, who has had a pretty active presence on social media as FAR FROM HOME was leading up to its release, took to Instagram to share a photo of him dressed as the most touristy tourist who has ever gone on summer vacation. He wrote in the caption, “This isn’t just a sexy dad outfit. It’s my favorite look from Spider-Man: FFH” The only thing missing is the piña colada in his other hand.

While you may be anxious to head out to a theater near you and scan the movie for his appearance, one viewer already took to Twitter (via CinemaBlend) with some images of the scene in question, which involved Beck – dressed as a soccer dad – stalking Peter Parker (Tom Holland) earlier on in the movie when he’s trying to buy a necklace for MJ (Zendaya).

This new Spidey outing is overflowing with references and easter eggs, so the fact something like this was included makes perfect sense, and will make going back and watching the movie all the more engaging. Not only will you be on the lookout for this scene, but Beck had all sorts of help from former employees of Tony Stark and surely some of them were also following Parker around. What makes it better was that this moment wasn’t called out in the actual movie, and remained a neat little detail for us all to discover later on.