Conan O’Brien gets a hilarious Spider-Verse-themed intro for Comic-Con

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For the fifth year in a row Conan O’Brien is heading to San Diego Comic-Con for a series of coverage and interviews, kicking things off by hosting a panel last night with the cast of IT: CHAPTER TWO. But just being at Comic-Con is not enough for the comedian. No, he has to become Comic-Con, and in a new cold open we learn the true origin of his superhero persona in the style of the hit Oscar-winning animated superhero movie, SPIDER-MAN: INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE.

The clip starts off by playing on a recurring bit in the movie, wherein an assortment of Spider-People (voiced by Chris Pine, Jake Johnson, Shameik Moore, Hailee Steinfeld and more) recount their origin by saying something along the lines of “Alright, let’s do this again.” For Conan, that meant opening on a magazine with Idris Elba on the cover, all before Conan recounts the time he was 15 and “was bitten by a radioactive party clown at my Quinceanera,” thus giving him incredible late-night comedian superpowers. 

From there, he learned a valuable lesson from his father (“With no talent comes no responsibility”) and won the approval of the ladies in school…even if he had to get his first kiss from a mirror. Eventually, he would meet the hulking Andy Richter and would use his powers for good, including interviewing Jeff Goldblum about his fear of heights. These are all works of a valiant hero, who at the end we learn goes by the name Comic-Con, even if most people recognize him from his work in AMERICAN HUSTLE and SHARP OBJECTS.

The video may not sport the same slick animation as INTO THE SPIDER-VERSE, but between hilarious stuff like this, his podcast (“Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend”) and his other viral segments, O’Brien continues to be the most unique voice in late night. There’s likely much more to come and for O’Brien to spoof during the rest of the week, so maybe keep an eye out and see what else he has cooking inside his plush of orange hair.