Spider-Man Statue Deemed Devil Horns, Woman Wants Demonic Structure Torn Down

A Nebraska woman is demanding that a Spider-Man statue be taken down. The statue in question is located outside of the Lincoln Children’s Zoo and the woman believes that it’s satanic due to the web-slinging gestures that the hands are making. In actuality, the statue, which features two web-slinging hands coming out of the ground, was made for a faith-based art project sponsored by Campus Life and Youth for Christ Lincoln, a nonprofit faith-based community organization in Lincoln.

Paige Schuppan sent an email at the beginning of the month to the mayor’s office, requesting that they take down the Spider-Man statue. In her email, Schuppan claims that the statue is “demonic” and “anti-Christian,” which could not be further from the truth. She went on to say that the statue is “offensive to many people,” and then compared it to a Ku Klux Klan act of hate. You can read a portion of her email below.

“This is anti-Christian, and demonic, and completely inappropriate and offensive to place in front of the Children’s Zoo and the Gardens where couples are married… You understand that Devil worshiping is anti-Christian, and not a religion of its own. You have to be against the church in order to hold these evil beliefs. It is a Hate Crime against the church.”

Lin Quenzer, a city of Lincoln official, responded to Paige Schuppan’s email and informed her of the intentions of the faith-based art project. She revealed that the city is not responsible for the various statues placed around town. Campus Life and Youth for Christ Lincoln found private property to place their statues, which means the Spider-Man statue is safe for now.

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“The City of Lincoln did not select the pieces for these installations nor determine their locations within the community. Campus Life chose ‘Hands’ as a representation of their mission as they serve the community and reach out to teens in difficult circumstances.”

It seems Paige Schuppan may have gotten her hand gestures confused. She is more than likely thinking of the iconic devil horns made popular by fans of heavy metal. When looking at the Spider-Man hands getting ready to sling some webs, the gesture looks a lot closer to saying, “I love you,” in American Sign Language. This might be where most of the outrage initially stemmed from, though that has not been confirmed as of this writing.

Youth for Christ Lincoln and Campus Life Executive Director Matt Schulte has also responded to the “satanic” Spider-Man statue claims. “We see this as a playful, fun celebration of an American hero,” says Schulte who went on to declare, “the sculpture is most definitely not a devil related sculpture.” Whatever the case may be, Spider-Man: Far From Home received some pretty awesome free promotion, courtesy of Paige Schuppan and the city of Lincoln, Nebraska. You can check out an image of the statue below, thanks to the Omaha World-Herald Twitter account.

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