Star Wars: Watch Mark Hamill & Harrison Ford’s First-Ever Screen Test

Mark Hamill has shared a video of his and Harrison Ford’s screen test for A New Hope. The video is a must-see for hardcore Star Wars fans who haven’t already seen it as it shows off dialogue that was not used in the final cut. Hamill also revealed something else special about the video by admitting it was the very first day he met Ford, when they didn’t even know what the project was.

A Star Wars fan shared the A New Hope screen test video and tagged Mark Hamill in it while asking if he knew anything about it. Hamill knew exactly what it was and decided to offer some backstory about it. Hamill often has no problem answering fan questions and often goes above and beyond when doing so. He had this to say about the screen test video.

“My screen-test for Star Wars w/ Harrison on the 1st day I ever met him. Neither 1 of us had read the script at this point, only this 1 scene. I asked George what kind of movie it was-‘Let’s just do it, we’ll talk about that later’ We never did talk about it later-we just did it.”

A New Hope changed the world and the lives of nearly everybody who had anything to do with it. Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, and Harrison Ford instantly turned into worldwide superstars and still get asked about the Star Wars franchise on a daily basis. Hamill spends a lot of time on social media helping fans out and also trolling when he can get away with it. Ford would more than likely appreciate not talking about it at all.

It must be pretty crazy for Mark Hamill to look back to meeting Harrison Ford for the first time. They both had no idea what the movie was or what it was about because George Lucas didn’t tell them, but they ended up making history together, despite the fact that Ford often had problems with Lucas’ often clunky dialogue. There is video footage documenting Ford’s displeasure with having to deliver some of those lines that were written for him.

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In regard to the dialogue, Carrie Fisher would often go in and do touch-ups for everybody, including herself, which started a career of being a script doctor behind-the-scenes. However, nobody knew how big A New Hope was going to end up, even if they did initially know they were working on something special. It’s been over 40 years since the release of A New Hope and the Star Wars franchise is bigger now than it ever has been, but the Skywalker saga will officially come to a close with The Rise of Skywalker later this year, so hopefully Hamill will get a break from talking about it (which will probably never, ever happen). You can check out the Star Wars screen test video below, thanks to Mark Hamill’s Twitter account.

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