The world of Jason Bourne expands with trailer for Treadstone TV series

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Are you ready to return to the world of Jason Bourne without Matt Damon? That worked out so well with THE BOURNE LEGACY. Sorry, Jeremy Renner! USA Network is hoping that answer is yes as they’ve released the first trailer for Treadstone, a new series which will be centered around the fictional CIA black ops program Operation Treadstone, which created Jason Bourne in the feature-film series. Using behaviour modification protocols, the covert program is able to turn recruits into highly skilled assassins, and the first season of Treadstone will follow several sleeper agents across the world as they’re mysteriously awakened in order to resume their deadly missions.

While speaking with Entertainment Weekly, Treadstone executive producer Ben Smith dropped a few details about the universe of upcoming series. “Treadstone was a top-secret black-ops program that used different forms of behavioral modification and extreme training to turn recruits into nearly super-human weapons. Treadstone was formed as a response to a Congressional Act which banned assassinations. There were other programs that sprang from this including BLACKBRIAR and CICADA. Treadstone was officially shut down after the events surrounding Jason Bourne exposed it,” Smith explained. “Our series starts when the CIA learns that someone is ‘waking up’ these agents in different parts of the world that were part of a Treadstone program called ‘Cicada’. These Cicadas have very different trajectories upon finding themselves ‘awakened’ over a decade after volunteering for a black-ops program of which they have no memory. Their ordinary cover lives, which they believed to be real, are thrown into chaos when they are activated to perform deadly missions. Their journey will take viewers on a thrilling ride as they uncover the truth.” Rather than focus on just one character, the series will follow multiple sleeper agents across the world, and Ben Smith teased that the events of the JASON BOURNE films are “definitely present as they had a long-lasting impact on the CIA and many of our characters.

Treadstone will premiere on USA Network this October.