Batman: Hush Director Wants to Do No Man’s Land Movie with Robert Pattinson

Director Justin Copeland, the man behind DC and Warner Bros.’ animated adaptation of Batman: Hush, wants to take Robert Pattinson to No Man’s Land. As fans of the Caped Crusader are surely aware by now, Pattinson, the former Twilight star and current indie aficionado, has been cast in the lead role for Matt Reeves’ The Batman. The hope is that movie will kick off a trilogy and, should the opportunity arise for Copeland to have a stab at one, he knows exactly which story he wants to tell.

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Justin Copeland has been making the rounds to promote Batman: Hush, which adapts one of the character’s most beloved and seminal storylines. During a recent interview, he was asked what storyline he would take on, should he get the chance to ever do something with Batman in live-action. Here’s what he had to say.

“It would definitely be No Man’s Land… If I had carte blanche, like, you can do whatever you want, I wanna tell the No Man’s Land story from the angle of Cassandra Cain. I would love, that would be a dream… Heck ya!… If I got a live action and they say you can point your finger…”

For those who may not be familiar, No Man’s Land was a massive event that ran for most of 1999 in the pages of DC Comics. It takes place in Gotham City after a massive earthquake and the government deems the city uninhabitable. Everyone is ordered to leave. Months later, those that have stayed are stuck in the middle of a citywide turf war that sees the strongest prey on the weak. Gangs are terrorizing the citizens left behind, while Scarecrow uses a church relief project as a real life lab to test his experiments in fear. But Batman returns with the then-new Batgirl Cassandra Cain to return justice to Gotham.

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Clearly, there are some similarities in that storyline to what Christopher Nolan did in The Dark Knight Rises. That aside, it could make for a very compelling and wild story. Speaking further, Justin Copeland had nothing but praise for Robert Pattinson and would definitely want to use the actor for the proposed adaptation.

“I like Robert Pattinson. Sorry, I’m a filmmaker. And as a film director, I see that dude as a very, as an incredible actor… You wanna be able to get on set and not have to worry about your right flank… When you can get a superstar actor like that, which I think he is, you are lucky… I would use him.”

Odds are, Matt Reeves would direct all of the installments of his proposed trilogy. That said, if he didn’t, there would be a vacancy. Justin Copeland could fill that vacancy. While that may seem somewhat unlikely, let’s not forget that The LEGO Batman Movie director Chris McKay was (or maybe still is) set to direct a live-action Nightwing movie. For more with Copeland, check out the full interview from the Popcorn Talk YouTube channel below.

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