Tom Cruise announces 2020 Presidential run in hilarious parody video

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If there’s one thing that Tom Cruise knows, it’s running; just one of the many qualities which would make him a great Commander-in-Chief. A hilarious new parody video has been released which finds Tom Cruise (as played by actor and notable Cruise impersonator Miles Fisher) announcing his intention to run for President of the United States in 2020.

America deserves the real deal. A President with perfect hair, who rides a motorcycle, and knows how to throw grenades…with his teeth. America, you complete me!

I’m not just your every-man, I’ve literally been every man,” Cruise says while explaining why you should vote for him, citing experiences from his lengthy filmography which has found him starting small businesses, fighting alongside the samurai, and defending the world from alien invasion three times. All this while being living through the centuries as a vampire. Impressive. He’s got my vote! The official site for the parody video also teases an upcoming announcement of a running mate. Best guess, Nicolas Cage.