First reactions to It: Chapter 2 praise the saga’s emotional conclusion

While many of us will have to wait until September 6th to return to Derry, Maine to be terrorized by Pennywise the Dancing Clown once more, critics who’ve already seen the final chapter of Andy Muschietti’s It reboot have allowed their reactions to float online. Unsurprisingly, the reactions to IT: CHAPTER 2 appear a bit uneven, though I suppose that’s what happens when you welcome a collective of differing opinions into your Carnival of Souls. Many critics are praising the film for being a satisfying and emotional conclusion to the Stephen King saga, while others have said that the film lacks the urgency of the first chapter. One thing is for certain though, everybody loved Bill Hader, who plays the adult version of Richie Tozier in the new film.

As it happens, our own Editor-in-Chief, Paul Shirey, was among several lucky individuals who were invited to catch an early screening of IT: CHAPTER 2. You can read his reactions to the film below, and be sure to scroll back in his timeline for more tweets from the film’s It: Chapter 2 Experience.

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If you’d like to read what several other critics and fans thought of the film, you can check out the many reactions that we’ve collected below:

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Overall, I’d say that the above reactions to IT: CHAPTER 2 paint the film as a mixed bag, albeit one that’s got plenty of giant-sized treats to satisfy your cravings for something spooky, clever, and engaging. Personally, these types of articles just encourage me to go out and make my own opinion about the film in question. What’s that saying? Different strokes for different folks? Ultimately, your opinion is the one that will matter to you most. With that in mind, we hope that you have a great time with IT: CHAPTER 2, which will be floating into theaters on September 6.