The Matrix 4 Gets Oscar-Winning Braveheart Cinematographer John Toll

It has only been a few days since the wondrous (if slightly perplexing, as both of their characters died) news dropped that stars Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Ann Moss will be once again entering the science fiction world of The Matrix for The Matrix 4. Well, the film seems to be continuing to come together very nicely as it has now been revealed that the Academy-Award winning cinematographer John Toll is in early negotiations to join the much-anticipated film, and put his eye to this iconic post-apocalyptic universe.

John Toll will be taking over from Bill Pope, the man who shot the original Matrix trilogy as well as the live-action sequences featured in the Enter the Matrix video game way back in 2003. Thankfully, Toll may just well be the man for the job, having won not one, but two Academy Awards for Brad Pitt romance Legends of the Fall in 1995, and then for Mel Gibson historical epic Braveheart the following year.

Several years later he received an Academy Award nomination for his stunning work on Terence Malick’s The Thin Red Line, and has since gone on to work on such projects as Almost Famous, Gone Baby Gone, and has even dabbled with MCU for Iron Man 3. Toll even has a working history with The Matrix director’s Lana and Lily Wachowski, and worked with the filmmaking pair on their other sweeping science fiction epics Cloud Atlas and Jupiter Ascending.

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Examining his vast filmography which includes a wide variety of different genres, from period pieces, to comedy, to colourful comic book adventures, Toll clearly has an exceptional eye for cinema, with his past body of work a clear testament to his talent for shooting ambitious stories in increasingly imaginative ways. Of course his penchant for science fiction, and past experience with the Wachowskis, is sure to set him in good stead when it comes to making a new addition to The Matrix series.

Nothing is yet known about the storyline so far, though several theories are currently doing the rounds, including the idea of the film following a young Morpheus. This theory was given further legitimacy when earlier this year Creed 2 star Michael B Jordan was heavily rumoured to be considering involvement, with fans further theorising that the fourth film in the series would in actual fact be a prequel, or reboot of some sort. Whether any of this is true remains to be seen, but within the reality-altering world of The Matrix, surely anything is possible.

With previous stars Reeves and Moss returning to their Neo and Trinity roles respectively, alongside Lana Wachowski returning to directing duties, and now the addition of Toll as cinematographer, The Matrix 4 is certainly sounding like a worthy follow-up.

It looks like it is time to once again take the red pill, and see how deep the rabbit hole goes. This news comes from The Hollywood Reporter.

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