Westworld Season 3 will reportedly have fewer episodes than previous seasons

Westworld, HBO, Season 3, Aaron Paul

When HBO’s WESTWORLD returns in the first half of 2020, there’s a high probability that Season 3 will be the show’s shortest thus far. According to The Wrap, the upcoming season will consist of eight episodes – that’s two fewer than the first two seasons which delivered ten episodes each. When speaking to their source, the outlet was unable to confirm if the eight episodes would be longer than previous chapters of the show.

While this might sound like trouble down at the old ranch, fans of Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy’s episodic sci-fi spectacle should rest easy knowing that the duo have every intention of making those eight episodes count. In fact, allow me to put you all at ease. Back in July, HBO programming chief Casey Bloys told The Wrap that Nolan and Joy are well in control of the show’s next steps toward a technological apocalypse.

“They are 100% hands on,” Bloys reassured. “We have deals with them for a potential fourth and fifth season. So the deal with them [at Amazon] is for, I believe, everything but ‘Westworld.’ And they’re very committed to ‘Westworld.’ So I’m not worried about losing their focus, they don’t lose focus,” he added, jovially.

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When Season 3 arrives, the latest events of WESTWORLD will find BREAKING BAD star Aaron Paul in a featured role. If you check out the above trailer, you’ll see that Nolan and Joy look to introduce viewers to Futureworld, a place where crime rules the streets and the dividing line between man and machine is more obscured than ever. How Paul’s character, Caleb, will become entwined in Dolores’ web of lies has yet to be seen, though I’d imagine that their union will lead to nothing good. Nothing good at all.