Last Blood Infomercial Delivers Rambo’s Greatest Hits, Kills & Massacres

Ahead of releasing Rambo: Last Blood in theaters, Lionsgate is having some fun marketing the franchise with a new parody infomercial. For a collection dubbed “Rambo’s Greatest Hits,” the faux ad presents all of Rambo’s greatest “kills and massacres for the first time in one amazing collection.” Edited in a fashion similar to infomercials from the ’80s for compilations of soft rock or oldies music, the contrast is hilarious with a cheerful narrating gleefully selling mass murder to the viewers. It’s impossible to watch without laughing, and you can see it for yourself below.

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In the clip, many memorable kills from past Rambo movies are put on display, as if each one is a separate Billboard Top 100 hit. The victims are all given names which parody real-life songs, such as “Rocket (Launcher) Man,” “Killing Me Softly (And Quietly),” “Take My Throat Away,” and “Another Kick in the Balls, Pt. 2.” There’s no censorship to be found in the parody ad either, as each of these kills are displayed in all of their bloody glory. It leads to advertising the ticket sales for the next installment of the series, Rambo: Last Blood, showing some new kills from the upcoming sequel while referring to them as “never before seen bonuses.” Clearly, the video is nothing short of genius marketing for this month’s premiere of the new movie.

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Sylvester Stallone has been playing John Rambo since starring in the 1982 movie First Blood. Initially, Rambo was merely looking for something to eat when he is harassed by the police department of a town he’s traveling through, leading to a massive manhunt for him in the nearby woods. The following sequel established him more as the unstoppable killing machine the character would ultimately become known for, further increasing the pile of bodies laying in his wake in 1988’s Rambo III and 2008’s Rambo. This is also the version of the character most often depicted in the various video games, comic books, and other merchandise spawned from the series.

Directed by Adrian Grunberg, Rambo: Last Blood will bookend the long-running and heavily violent series. This time, Rambo travels to Mexico to save his niece, who has been abducted by a Mexican cartel. Now that things are personal, Rambo seems to be at his most violent mindset yet, as suggested in the trailers for the movie. Also starring alongside Stallone in the movie are Paz Vega, Sergio Peris-Mencheta, Adriana Barraza, and Yvette Monreal. While Stallone has suggested he’s open to playing the character past this movie if it turns out to be a hit at the box office, Grunberg’s aim is for the movie to serve as the final Rambo movie.

Rambo: Last Blood will be upping John Rambo’s kill count even more when it hits theaters this month on Sept. 20. From the first blood to the last blood, the total tally of Rambo’s victims is seemingly impossible to count. Perhaps the final installment will be the character’s bloodiest excursion yet. The “Rambo’s Greatest Hits” video comes to us from Lionsgate Movies on YouTube.