Whoopi Goldberg, four others join the cast of Stephen King’s The Stand

The Stand, Stephen King, Whoopi Goldberg

CBS All Access has announced that Whoopi Goldberg is one of several new players who will be joining the cast of Stephen King‘s THE STAND. The latest adaptation of King’s classic novel also sees Jovan Adepo (WHEN THEY SEE US), Owen Teague (BLACK MIRROR, BLOODLINE), Brad William Henke (ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK, BRIGHT) and Daniel Sunjata (THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA, GONE) being welcomed onto the project as well. Others who’ve previously been announced as part of THE STAND are James Marsden (WESTWORLD), Amber Heard (AQUAMAN), Odessa Young (ASSASSINATION NATION) and Henry Zaga (LOOKING FOR ALASKA, 13 REASONS WHY).

Penning the script for THE STAND are Josh Boone and Ben Cavell, whose job it will be to transmute King’s iconic story of good versus evil into something sensational, sinister, and soul-crushingly apocalyptic. The story tells of how the fate of mankind rests on the weathered shoulders of the 108-year-old Mother Abagail (Goldberg) and a gathering of others who still breathe the world’s noxious air. Thwarting their every effort to pick up the pieces of a world left to ruin is Randall Flagg, the Dark Man. He’s a merciless champion of hate who speaks through a liar’s smile while wielding powers beyond anyone’s understanding. Standing in opposition of Randall Flagg is Mother Abigail, a woman who receives visions from God and looks to lead her band of survivors toward the light.

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According to today’s casting announcement, Adepo will play Larry Underwood, a young musician with a taste for fame, as well as illegal substances. When the plague hits, he is forced to confront his demons as he makes his way to the new world.

Teague will portray Harold Lauder. After the superflu ravages his town, Harold goes in search of others with fellow survivor Frannie Goldsmith. While his intentions are good, jealousy and his infatuation with Frannie threaten to lead him down a dark path.

Henke will portray Tom Cullen, Nick Andros’ traveling companion who is developmentally disabled due to a terrible fall as a child. A sweet soul, he will be instrumental in their fight for survival.

Sunjata will play Cobb, a member of the military tasked with supervising Stu Redman as the government searches for a cure during the outbreak of the superflu. (All character descriptions courtesy of Deadline)

In addition to writing the screenplay, Boone will also direct. Both Boone and Cavell will executive produce the series by way of CBS Television Studios. Furthermore, Stephen King himself will write the final chapter of the project, which is expected to end his original story on new terms. Roy Lee, Jimmy Miller and Richard P. Rubinstein will also executive produce with Will Weiske acting as co-executive producer. Lastly,  Knate Lee, Jill Killington and Owen King will serve as producers.

With so many of King’s stories being adapted for either television or the big screen, it’s often difficult to keep track of what the best-selling author has in the hopper. Thankfully, there’s no shortage of coverage when it comes to all things King, and each project looks to be unique in its own way. While I’ve never read The Stand, I’m certain that many are anxious for this one to hit CBS All Access.