We’re streaming the Untitled Goose Game live on Twitch tonight!

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Ever since September 20th, an unruly goose has managed to capture the hearts of countless gamers from across the globe, thanks to the UNTITLED GOOSE GAME. Made by House House and friends, and published by Panic, the UNTITLED GOOSE GAME is an interactive experience for those who delight in a bit of mild-mannered mischief while controlling a vindictive creature of the avian variety.

For the UNTITLED GOOSE GAME, players assume the role of a horrible goose, whose only goal in life, it would seem, is torturing an otherwise peaceful village filled with hapless victims. While waddling, honking and capering about town as the terrible goose, players are tasked with solving environmental puzzles, one more hilarious than the next. As the pieces of a perfectly made plan for chaos begin falling into place, it becomes quite clear that no one is safe from the goose’s wrath.

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Set to give the UNTITLED GOOSE GAME a gander later this evening is JoBlo’s own Bobby Shortle. The mayhem starts at 9:30 p.m. EST on our official JoBlo Games Twitch Channel, and we would like it very much if you could join us. Once the game begins, Bobby will do his best to navigate the goose’s stomping grounds while simultaneously terrorizing any humans who dare to cross his path.

Having played the first three levels of the game myself, I can tell you that the UNTITLED GOOSE GAME is a sight to behold. It’s the sort of game that taps into your deepest burning desire to transform into a goose and raise hell like it’s your job. Make no mistake about it, the UNTITLED GOOSE GAME, while at times is a bit unwieldy, is nothing short of a hilarious experience from top to bottom.

Our livestream of the UNTITLED GOOSE GAME will go live on Twitch tonight at 9:30 pm EST!

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