Aaron Paul recaps all 5 seasons of Breaking Bad ahead of El Camino’s release

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Breaking Bad is considered to be one of the greatest TV shows of all-time, and we’re soon set to return to the world of crazy meth dealers with EL CAMINO: A BREAKING BAD MOVIE. Written and directed by series creator Vince Gilligan, the upcoming film follows Jesse Pinkman (Aaron Paul) in the wake of his dramatic escape from captivity in the series finale of the TV series, and will follow the former meth-cook as he realizes that he must come to terms with his past in order to forge some kind of future. As it’s been a number of years since Breaking Bad came to a conclusion, you might not totally remember every little event which took place, but Aaron Paul appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! recently to recap all five seasons of the series.

There’s this chemistry teacher named Walt who gets cancer, his wife Skyler is pregnant, and his son, Walt Jr., really loves breakfast. Then Walt starts cooking meth to pay for his medical bills with the help of his former student, Jesse,” Paul explains, setting the stage for two and a half minutes worth of plot points which I’m realizing sound a little crazy if you’ve never seen the series. Check it out above!

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Normally, the thought of a movie following up a TV series which has been off the air for a number of years would be concerning, but I’ve got plenty of faith in Vince Gilligan. When Gilligan first announced that he would be following up Breaking Bad with Better Call Saul, a prequel focusing on Jimmy McGill/Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk), I’ll admit to thinking that it was a terrible idea which could potentially leave a sour note on a great series. Upon the release of Better Call Saul, I was proven wrong in a big way, and the series quickly became a worthy addition to the saga. Will EL CAMINO: A BREAKING BAD MOVIE continue the trend? We’ll soon find out.

EL CAMINO: A BREAKING BAD MOVIE will hit Netflix on October 11th, but it will also screen in select theaters as well.

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