Mysterio Gets Hulkbuster-Style Suit in Unused Spider-Man: Far from Home Art

Spider-Man: Far from Home once had a Hulkbuster-type of suit for Jake Gyllenhaal’s Mysterio character. The movie hit theaters right before the July 4th holiday and quickly started breaking records. Currently, the Tom Holland-starring sequel is the highest grossing movie Sony has ever put out and much of that comes from their relationship with Marvel Studios and Kevin Feige. Now, we’re learning quite a bit about what other designs were thought of before settling on the Mysterio suit we all know.

The Mysterio concept art is featured in The Art of Spider-Man: Far From Home book. The Hulkbuster suit is obviously more bulky, but it contains the same coloring as the suit in Spider-Man: Far From Home. As it turns out, one of the early ideas was to possibly take the villain in more of a stronger and sci-fi vibe. Concept artist Ryan Meinerding says, “There were versions of Mysterio that I did that were based on him maybe being a tough, grizzled space marine who had escaped his dimension. And he was the only person that did.” While the art by Meinerding is definitely cool, it’s not as sleek as the final product.

These ideas aren’t just limited to costumes and suits in Spider-Man: Far From Home. Early concept art proves that Mysterio’s dark visions for Peter Parker were originally going to be even darker than they were on the big screen. Giant horrific spiders were initially in the mix, but were ultimately left out for one reason or another. What we ended up seeing was probably one of the heavier scenes shown in a Marvel Cinematic Universe project to date, especially the zombified Iron Man.

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Spider-Man: Far From Home dominated the summer box office and gave Sony the confidence to try and leave the Marvel Studios partnership in the weeds. The announcement was made late in the summer and it caused shockwaves across the fan community. If Sony was taking sole control over the franchise, that meant that Peter Parker would no longer be in the MCU and the cliffhanger set up by Far From Home would be taken care of without any of the MCU’s huge roster of heroes. The movie sets up the third installment very well, but Nick Fury is going to have to be involved at some point in time.

Sony and Marvel Studios recently made a deal and all is right in the world again. The Spider-Man: Far From Home sequel will have Kevin Feige’s involvement and we’ll see Tom Holland in one more MCU project before heading back over to Sony for new team-ups with the likes of Venom and Morbius the Living Vampire. This all means that the concept art stage of the sequel are more than likely about to start up again for the sequel. While we wait to see those designs, you can check out the Mysterio Hulkbuster design below, thanks to the Movie Boys Instagram account.