Halloween Kills writer Danny McBride to produce frontier Western

Actor, writer, and producer Danny McBride is an interesting cat. While he’s often seen as merely the schlubby douchebag from films like PINEAPPLE EXPRESS or the over-the-top Kenny Powers from Eastbound and Down, the guy is honestly so much more than that. He’s dabbled in science fiction (ALIEN: COVENANT) and horror with last years’s successful reboot of HALLOWEEN. Well you can now add Western to the list of genres he’s associated with as McBride is set to produce THE SUN ALWAYS SETS IN THE WEST for Lionsgate. The frontier Western “focuses on a drifter who finds redemption with a hardscrabble frontier woman and her young daughter, only to see his dream of happiness jeopardized when brute mercenaries show up at his door.”

McBride’s partners David Gordon Green and Jody Hill are set to co-produce alongside Mainstay Entertainment. Scott Barkan and Gregg Zehentner (EDGE OF FEAR ) will pen the script. Currently no actor or actresses are attached to the project. The project is still very much in development so there’s no current timetable on production or a release date either.

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While there’s no word yet on if McBride will appear in the film, I can’t imagine he won’t have at least a small part in the movie. Maybe as one of the mercenarie?. Honestly, I’d love to seeĀ  McBride sink his teeth into a dramatic role. While Vice Principals and Eastbound and Down are outrageous comedies, there are some real moments of pathos from McBride in those shows that belies a talented actor.

Danny McBride is certainly a busy man. He just appeared in ANGRY BIRDS 2 as well as the HBO television series The Righteous Gemstones. He’s also currently co-producing and co-writing HALLOWEEN KILLS and HALLOWEEN ENDS.

What do you guys think of this news? Are you excited at the prospect of McBride tackling a Western? Sound off in the comments below!