Harrison Ford to try and be grumpy on the small screen in The Staircase

Harrison Ford, The Staircase, TV, series

After starring in director Chris SandersTHE CALL OF THE WILD, Harrison Ford is poised to travel from the great outdoors to your television set for a series adaptation of THE STAIRCASE, the docuseries that centered on the trial of American novelist Michael Peterson, who was accused of murdering his wife in 2001. While under oath, Peterson had claimed that his wife died after she fell down a flight of stairs at their home, but upon further inspection of the site, police suspected that Peterson had bludgeoned his wife to death and staged the scene to look like an accident.

In addition to starring as Michael Peterson for the series, Ford will also executive produce. The project is currently being shopped to networks and streaming services, though no one has taken the plunge just yet. Antonio Campos will write and executive produce, with Annapurna Television producing. The original docuseries upon which this new project will be based, was released in 2004, with creator Jean-Xavier de Lestrade updating with new information years later. Later, the series made its way to Netflix as part of a 13-episode presentation.

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Although THE STAIRCASE is being built as Ford’s first regular TV role, the often angry, plane demolishing actor does have a few TV credits to his elustrious name, including roles for THE VIRGINIAN, THE F.B.I., and GUNSMOKE. In time, Ford went on to become a major star of the silver screen, after leading films in George Lucas‘ Star Wars saga, Spielberg’s INDIANA JONES series, and much more.

We’ll be sure to alert you as to when you can catch Ford battling his greatest nemesis … stairs, when THE STAIRCASE is picked up and scheduled for a much-anticipated debut.