Anthony Hopkins Says Actors Are Pretty Stupid, Including Himself

Anthony Hopkins doesn’t think actors are very smart. The Oscar winner is out currently promoting The Two Popes and sat down with Brad Pitt for an interview where he discussed the art of acting and mortality. At 81-years old, Hopkins isn’t into visiting movie theaters as much these days, though he did make it out to see Pitt in Quentin Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. When it comes to comic book movies, Hopkins admits he’s not that big of a fan of the “green screen” movies or the big action projects.

If you want to talk current events with Anthony Hopkins, he’ll more than likely shoot you down. The master thespian doesn’t think actors, including himself, should really be addressing those types of things in a public setting, which is quite different from the outlook of many actors. Hopkins had this to say about actors and their opinions.

“People ask me questions about present situations in life, and I say, ‘I don’t know, I’m just an actor. I don’t have any opinions. Actors are pretty stupid. My opinion is not worth anything. There’s no controversy for me, so don’t engage me in it, because I’m not going to participate.'”

There are some actors who will agree whole heartedly with Anthony Hopkins and then some who will disagree. Brad Pitt agrees with Hopkins about actors sometimes not being the best people to offer opinions on certain situations. When the gears shifted to movies, Hopkins said, “I’m not great at going to see the green screen films.” He continued and stated, “I’ve been in a few of them and they’re fun, but they don’t grab me. I’m a bit too old for that.”

Anthony Hopkins has starred in all of the Thor movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe thus far. He plays Odin and there is no word on whether he will be returning for the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder. While on the subject of “green screen” movies, Hopkins also starred as Sir Edmund Burton in Michael Bay’s Transformers sequel The Last Knight. Hopkins may not want to see the movies, but he definitely has no problem being in them from time to time. For now, it looks like the veteran actor is spending more time painting, which he recently took up.

The Two Popes stars Anthony Hopkins and focuses on a series of fictionalized meetings between Pope Benedict and Pope Francis, around the former’s decision to resign the papacy in 2013. The movie is directed by Fernando Meirelles and it is currently in select theaters before it hits Netflix at the end of the month. Hopkins has been receiving praise for his role in the project, for which brought him to Rome to conduct some light research. You can check out the rest of the entertaining discussion between Brad Pitt and Anthony Hopkins over at Interview Magazine.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb