Star Wars 9 Poster Pays Tribute to Canceled Revenge of the Jedi Poster

The Rise of Skywalker has received a new poster which recreates the classic deleted Return of the Jedi poster. The final installment in the Skywalker Saga hits theaters next week. Lucasfilm and Disney have been going full throttle on the marketing material, which has included several new TV spots and quite a few new posters. As with the trailers, the posters for the highly anticipated movie have been leaning on a lot of nostalgia from the original Star Wars trilogy and the prequel trilogy.

George Lucas initially titled the third installment of the original trilogy Revenge of the Jedi. The first posters and trailer came out in late 1982 with this title and the posters are now legendary collector’s items that can fetch nearly $6,000 online, depending on their condition. Lucas later changed his mind about the title because he reportedly thought “revenge” was too dark for the Jedi. So, the name was changed and the posters were sold to Star Wars fan club members for less than $10. Now, a new poster for The Rise of Skywalker has recreated this iconic artwork.

In the original Revenge of the Jedi poster, Luke Skywalker is fighting Darth Vader with a dark silhouette of Vader’s helmet looming large in the background. The poster is mainly made up of dark red and black coloring. The Rise of Skywalker poster has all of the same elements, except that it’s Rey and Kylo Ren battling under Ren’s newly-repaired helmet. The Revenge poster says, “The Saga Continues,” while the new Skywalker poster says, “The Saga Concludes.”

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Both movies serve as the conclusion of their respective trilogies. This all ties into the fact that there are only nine days to go before The Rise of Skywalker opens in theaters. Some lucky members of the press will be seeing it on Monday night with the cast and crew, so beware, there will be spoilers floating around real soon. Hardcore fans who want to go in completely blind should already be shying away from certain sites and social media platforms to avoid spoilers. For people who enjoy spoiling things for others, take note that angry Avengers: Endgame fans beat the hell out of a man who spoiled the movie before they walked into the theater.

The Rise of Skywalker puts an end to the Skywalker Saga and leaves a big question mark as to where Lucasfilm and Disney will explore next. The Mandalorian premiered on Disney+ less than a month ago and has quickly become one of the best things we’ve seen in the Star Wars franchise and fans want more of it. Thankfully, we’ll be receiving two episodes next week instead of just one. While we wait for two more episodes of The Mandalorian next week and The Rise of Skywalker release, you can check out the latest poster below, thanks to the Star Wars Twitter account.

The Rise of Skywalker Poster Revenge of the Jedi Tribute
Kevin Burwick at Movieweb