1958 Plymouth Fury from Stephen King’s Christine Movie Goes Up for Auction

If you’ve got half a million dollars to spare, you can soon be the proud owner of the notorious 1958 Plymouth Fury from the classic horror movie Christine. Though multiple Furys were used in the making of the movie, this one was used for the “close-up beauty shots” of the vehicle and is one of the very few which hasn’t been destroyed. Of course, taking the storyline of the original story in mind, it should be noted that you would be buying this car at your own risk.

According to the auction listing, this particular Fury was raffled off on New Year’s Eve for the USA Network show Night Flight, with 40,000 participants vying for their chance to win the car. The vehicle has since been a part of the Ron Pratte collection and was featured at the 35th anniversary celebration of the Christine movie at the Rochester Auto Museum in 2018. Best of all, the Fury has been completely restored inside and out and is road ready for its next owner. A bumper sticker on the back, as seen from the Fury’s cameo in Cat’s Eye, reads, “Watch out for me, I am pure evil, I am Christine.” Even from people who haven’t seen the movie, the beauty that is the 1958 Plymouth Fury is bound to turn some heads.

The roots of Christine date back to the original novel from legendary horror author Stephen King, who released the book in 1983. As would be the case in the movie, the story centered around a 1958 Plymouth Fury which is somehow possessed by a sinister, supernatural entity. Nerdy teen Arnie Cunningham buys the car in the late ’70s, and his unhealthy obsession with the vehicle only increases once he discovers its true nature. Although its premise is certainly bizarre, the book is highly regarded by King fans and considered to be among his best work from the acclaimed writer’s earlier days of his career.

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Also in 1983, the movie adaptation of Christine was premiered in theaters by Columbia Pictures. Directed by Halloween helmer John Carpenter, the movie is very faithful to its source material, depicting the killing spree of a 1958 Plymouth Fury and its strange “relationship” with teenager Arnie Cunningham. The movie’s notable cast includes Keith Gordon as Arnie, also featuring John Stockwell, Alexandra Paul, Roberts Blossom, and Harry Dean Stanton. An instant hit with critics, Christine quickly became a bona fide cult classic and is still remembered fondly by horror fans.

The auction for this 1958 Plymouth Fury from Christine currently estimates the car’s price range as $400,000 to $500,000. That’s probably going to be well outside an affordable price range for most of us, but someone with a lot of money to spare has a chance to own a coveted piece of horror history. The rest of us can be envious. You can find out more about the auction by going to the official website for Mecum Auctions.

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