Harrison Ford says filming on Indiana Jones 5 starts in two months!

You know ever since I’ve been at JoBlo, there’s been one piece of news I’ve been dying to report on and that’s the status of INDIANA JONES 5. The project has moved along at a snail’s pace over the last year or so. Writer David Koepp stated they were still working on the script and Kathleen Kennedy confirmed it would be a sequel not a reboot. However, what little bit of news the public received seemed tepid at best and you almost got the feeling that the project was going to be scrapped. Well I am happy to report that that fear is most assuredly ill founded and that filming on the fifth film is imminent.

In a recent interview with CBS, Indiana Jones himself – Harrison Ford – was discussing his latest project THE CALL OF THE WILD. He was also asked about reprising iconic roles such as Han Solo and Rick Deckard and what the biggest challenge was. Ford stated that it was “trying not to look silly.” Then about ten seconds later he dropped the huge news that filming on INDIANA JONES 5 would commence in “about two months.” Holy Ark of the Covenant collectors mugs! I’m losing my mind! That Ford would just so casually drop this news is textbook Harrison Ford too.

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While some may think Ford is too old to play Indiana Jones, I believe that’s untrue. Both Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone have achieved great success reprising earlier roles that made them famous and both of them are in their 70s. In addition, with the advent of de-aging technology, there’s always the possibility that the upcoming film is set before CRYSTAL SKULL but after LAST CRUSADE. Honestly, I’m more excited to find out what the MacGuffin is that he’s going after. The Spear of Destiny? The Cross of Jesus? Atlantis? The Tomb of Genghis Khan? The first iPod? I need to know!

Other than Ford, there are currently no other actors or actresses attached to the movie but if filming is starting in two months, look for that to change very soon. The flick also does not have a title at this time.

So what do you guys think of this news? Happy the ball is finally rolling on this? What relic would you like to see Indiana Jones pursue in this next film? Do you think there will be more Indiana Jones films not involving Harrison Ford after this? Sound off in the comments below!

INDIANA JONES 5 his satchel and swings into theaters July 9, 2021.