Wookie Hack Unlocks Secret Chewbacca Mode in Galaxy’s Edge Millennium Falcon Ride

Disneyland’s Smuggler’s Run ride features a secret Chewbacca mode. Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge has been open for nearly a year, but Rise of the Resistance seems to be dominating the conversation as of late. This is understandable since the ride just opened, giving park visitors a completely unique Star Wars experience, much like Smuggler’s Run did when it first opened. With that being said, some hardcore Disneyland fans have stumbled on to something that will make return visits to Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge a bit more exciting for the future.

First and foremost, it should be noted that the new secret Chewbacca mode for Smuggler’s Run is currently only at the Anaheim Disneyland park. It’s unclear if it will be coming to Florida in the future. When normally flying the Millennium Falcon, Clone Wars character Hondo Onaka is the one barking out orders. He does a pretty good job, but there are some Star Wars fans who are never satisfied. That’s where Chewbacca comes into play. In order to get into the Chewie mode, a party of six will be needed.

Once all six riders have entered the Millennium Falcon’s cockpit, each crew member is required to quickly push some specific buttons before the Disneyland cast member comes in to check the seatbelts. Visitors in the pilot seats have to move their flight stick positions left and right for the pilot and up and down for the copilot. Gunners and Engineers need to hit the illuminated white buttons, which they have to do before the activate buttons. Once this is done correctly, and before the cast member activates the ride, Chewbacca should be the one giving you directions.

Star Wars fans know that it’s nearly impossible to understand what Chewbacca is saying, so it might not be a good idea to blindly go into Chewie mode for the first time on Smuggler’s Run. Hondo Onaka is a lot easier to understand, though not quite as fun as everybody’s favorite Wookiee. Since the ride generally only has a 40 minute wait, which seems to go even quicker than that, park visitors should be able to go on the ride twice in a day, if mapped out correctly.

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Apparently, the Chewie mode is a new addition to the Smuggler’s Run software and not something that was there from the start. This is exciting news for a few reasons. Riding with Chewbacca is always going to be awesome, but this means that Disneyland will be able to either hide more Easter Eggs into the riding experience or even add new content to the ride, which would be great. Star Tours offers numerous experiences and one can imagine that Smuggler’s Run will continue that tradition down the road. For now, Star Wars fans need to make a whole day out of the experience if they want to get on Rise of the Resistance, so plan accordingly. You can check out how to access Chewie mode on Smuggler’s Run below, thanks to the FreshBaked! YouTube channel.

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Kevin Burwick at Movieweb