Spider-Man Vs. Star-Lord: Chris Pratt and Tom Holland Weigh in on Who’d Win

Movie and comic book fans have delighted for years in having hypothetical conversations as to who would win a fight between two characters. Whether it be The Terminator versus The Predator, or maybe Robo-Cop versus Batman, the possibilities are endless as to what might happen should two fictional characters come to blows. But what about Peter Parker and Peter Quill?

Thanks to the emergence of the comic book movie genre we have had the fortune of seeing a lot of superhero-on-superhero battles take place for real, with the Marvel Cinematic Universe featuring more than its fair share. One such pairing that has now been debated by the stars that play them is that of Spider-Man versus the Guardians of the Galaxy’s intrepid leader Star-Lord, played by Tom Holland and Chris Pratt respectively.

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Pratt: I think probably Spider-Man, right? Because you have the Iron Spider suit.

Holland: But also, without any gadgets…

Pratt: I think Peter Quill could take Peter Parker, but I think Spider-Man would probably beat up Peter Quill. However, Peter Quill never fights alone and always fights dirty. He’s got the Guardians of the Galaxy. So, if you take me on, you’ve got to take on Drax and Rocket Racoon.

Holland: I wouldn’t want to fight Drax.

Pratt: No, trick question. We’d never fight.

The Guardians of the Galaxy star sounds a little confused when he says that Peter Quill could take Peter Parker, as Peter Parker still has all of the powers of his alter ego. Perhaps he means a normal Peter Parker before he got his powers? But, if that is the case, then Quill is just beating up a nerdish kid, which is surely a matter for The Avengers, or at the very least, the police.

Chris Pratt then makes the point that Quill is not alone, with the rest of the Guardians of the Galaxy having his back, to which Tom Holland states he would hate to have to fight Drax, which is more than understandable. Pratt finally puts an end to the whole debate saying the two characters would never fight, but that isn’t entirely true as they have already partaken in a scuffle during the events of Avengers: Infinity War.

This particular fight has been debated by fans recently, with many taking to social media and the like to discuss how it was possible that Peter Quill held Spidey in a headlock despite the latter’s enhanced strength. The answer to that question will probably never be found, but maybe Spider-Man was just having an off day. He was in space for the first time after all.

No doubt some will feel different to what Tom Holland and Chris Pratt have concluded, but as far as the Marvel Cinematic Universe continuity goes, the chances of Star-Lord and Spider-Man ever having a full-fledged fight are now extremely slim. For one thing, they have already worked alongside one another in the fight against Thanos, with both having the shared experience of being erased from existence for five years, which is surely more than enough to build a tight bond.

In any case, we have not seen these characters for the last time, with Holland due to reprise the role of Spider-Man for a planned third movie due to hit theaters on July 16, 2021. Chris Pratt meanwhile will return in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, which does not yet have a release date. This comes to us from Popsugar.

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