Evangeline Lilly Apologizes for Controversial Social Distancing Comments

Evangeline Lilly has walked back her controversial social distancing comments from last week. The Ant-Man and the Wasp star was called out by a number of people on social media for ignoring calls to stay indoors. Lilly posted a picture of some tea in a fancy cup while seemingly bragging about dropping her kids off at their gymnastics camp, telling everyone it was okay because they washed their hands. To many, the actresses’ comments came off as sarcastic and arrogant. She continued to justify herself, responding to commenters, which really didn’t help her cause.

At the time, Evangeline Lily seemed to be worried about the government abusing their powers and putting the United States under Martial Law. There were more than a few Marvel Cinematic Universe fans who agreed with the actress, but for the most part, the majority felt that her comments were dangerous. As it turns out, Lily’s own community was advised to stay indoors just two days after her post, which got her thinking. She had this to say.

“Hello everyone. I am writing you from my home where I have been social distancing since Mar 18th – when social distancing was instituted in the small community where I am currently living. At the time of my Mar 16th post, the directives from the authorities here were that we not congregate in groups of more than 250ppl and that we wash our hands regularly, which we were doing.

Two days later, those directives changed and, despite my intense trepidation over the socioeconomic and political repercussions of this course of action, PLEASE KNOW I AM DOING MY PART TO FLATTEN THE CURVE, PRACTICING SOCIAL DISTANCING AND STAYING HOME WITH MY FAMILY. I want to offer my sincere and heartfelt apology for the insensitivity I showed in my previous post to the very real suffering and fear that has gripped the world…”

In Evangeline Lily’s defense, nobody really thought the world would get to this point. However, the way she seemingly bragged about things was seen a slap in the face to people who have been directly affected by what’s going on. As it turns out, Lily says she was in a different place last week. The clouds have dissipated and she can see clearly now. She explains.

“When I wrote that post 10 days ago, I thought I was infusing calm into the hysteria. I can see now that I was projecting my own fears into an already fearful and traumatic situation. I am grieved by the ongoing loss of life, and the impossible decisions medical workers around the world must make as they treat those affected. I am concerned for our communities – small businesses and families living paycheck-to-paycheck – and I am trying to follow responsible recommendations for how to help… I am praying for us all.”

It’s amazing what a few days of social distancing can do for the mind. Evangeline Lilly has completely changed her thought process as she and her family remain indoors like the rest of us. As Madonna stated in her recent bathtub video, this situation might really be the “great equalizer” for the world. All kidding aside, Lilly isn’t done with her apology. She wants the world to know, and probably Marvel Studios, that she has learned from all of this.

“At the same time, I am heartened by the beauty and humanity I see so many people demonstrating toward one another in this vulnerable time. When I was grappling with my own fears over social distancing, one kind, wise and gracious person said to me ‘do it out of love, not fear’ and it helped me to realize my place in all of this. Sending love to all of you, even if you can’t return it right now.”

“Do it out of love, not fear,” is some wise advice for just about all of us right now. The world is trying to practice safe social distancing at the moment and we will continue to do so for the as long as this takes. Celebrities on social media have been entertaining fans online, along with musicians, and late night talk show hosts. Maybe Evangeline Lilly has started to experience that while getting food delivered to her house. You can check Evangeline Lilly’s Instagram apology above.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb