Stranger Things Practices Social Distancing at Home with Will Byers

Stranger Things is showing the world how Will Byers is practicing social distancing. Even Hawkins is staying indoors these days. Production halted on the highly anticipated season 4 of the hit Netflix series a few weeks ago and it looks like we’re going to have to wait a little longer to see it. Chief Hopper star David Harbour says that they originally wanted to have the show ready for early 2021, but that probably won’t happen now.

The Stranger Things social media accounts continue to entertain fans online. Everybody could use a few laughs these days and today, we now have an example of what a typical day for Will Byers consists of. Here’s what Will does: “9am: play on the stairs, 12pm: call the homies, 3pm: see if my head fits thru the railing (it does), and 6pm: cookie dinner.” The social media account posted pictures of each of his activities and they warn to stay away from trying number 3. They don’t want people getting their heads stuck through their railings.

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While a lot of social media accounts will post something and then leave it alone, the Stranger Things account actually takes time to respond to fans in a humorous way. It’s interactive in a time when a lot of fans could use some extra fun as they stay home and try to social distance from each other. While most of Will Byers’ activities are questionable, calling “the homies” is probably the best one and something that a lot of people should be doing more of. Eating cookies for dinner can be fun, but not every night.

Stranger Things season 4 will see the return of Chief Hopper, although we’re not exactly sure how that happens at this time. On Valentine’s Day, fans were treated to the very first footage of the upcoming season and it featured Hopper in Russia, working on some train tracks. He appears to be enslaved, but that won’t last for long. The first footage was a great way to get everybody excited, which has now been ground to a halt with the rest of the entertainment industry.

Since nobody really knows when we’ll have to stop social distancing from each other, it’s unclear when Stranger Things season 4 will go back into production. For now, Netflix is looking out for the safety of their cast and crew, along with the fans, which is why we get to see how Will Byers spends his day at home. Regardless, we should find out in the next few weeks when everything is able to start production again, we’re just going to have to be a bit more patient than normal. You can check out Will Byers practicing his social distancing above, thanks to the official Stranger Things Twitter account.

Kevin Burwick at Movieweb